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The Gibsons

The Gibsons
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Southern Gospel at it's finest


Latest CD "Living On Our Knees"


Mike Gibson


I don't ever remember a time in my life when I was not totally surrounded by music. Many people have commented that everyone in my family plays an instrument, or sings, and for the most part, that is true. When I stop and think about those who have challenged me to become the man I am today, I first think of my father, Ike Gibson. He bought me my first guitar, and instilled in me the importance of serving the LORD, and giving Him the best of my talents and abilities. The second person that had such an impact on my life is Henry Bunch. Henry deepened my love for music, Martin Guitars, and good ole' fashion harmony. Thirdly, my Pastor, and uncle, Seven Gibson taught me many lessons about being a faithful servant, and the importance of our local church. Special thank you to my wife, Deborah, for loving me, and supporting me all these years. To my three children, Caleb, Keaton, and Katey, you guys are the love of my life. A Special thanks to Greta and Terry. I love both you guys so much and thank you for working so hard to make this dream of serving the LORD through music, a reality. 

Katey Gibson


Wow! I'm finally an official member of The Gibsons. Even though dad (Mike) drives me crazy sometimes, I'm honored to have this opportunity to minister with him. I know that I'm young and I have so much more to learn, but I feel so blessed to be used by God in this way. If you take a few moments to count your blessings, I bet you would sing like me. I want to say how much I love my dad for believing in me. He pushes me to be the best I can be and for that I will always be grateful. To my mother, Deborah, thank you for being my biggest fan. Mom you are the greatest. I have two handsome brothers, Caleb and Keaton, who will always be there for me. Special thank you to Lauren Talley for instilling the confidence I needed to make it through the recording process. To all the amazing people in my life let me just say thank you for the love and support. I pray I will always be found lifting up my Savior's name in song.

Joey Gibson


I was around 6 yrs old when I started to hear a difference in the way 2 or more people sounded when singing together. It sparked a fire in me, I say that because today its still there. In church growing up anyone in the pews could sing together they all sang harmony so I wanted to do it too. My mom and dad gave me my 1st break I sang with them starting @ 10 I sang a weak baritone with mom at alto, I learned quickly I could hear and sing any part so long as it was in my range. Dad grew up a power tenor, I admired his abilities so I started also singing tenor. I was an All – State tenor in 96' and went on the road days after graduation. I've sang on #1 song's and toured the U.S. Reaching goals I had set for my career, but it was hollow and void of Gods will for me. Today with Mike and Katie we share a ministry I am humbled to be a part of, and though we are 3 cousins from 3 different generations, our traits are identical from phrasing to tone., wielding a smooth solid blend, and to me its 2nd to none. I'm so proud our recording, and I pray it blesses everyone, it sure has me.


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